Rainy Day Perspective

Dudley stomped his foot and exclaimed, “I don’t want it to rain!” This after being told (again) that we couldn’t go ostrawberries growing2utside yet. And what a disappointment for a small boy who loves all things outdoors! Riding his bike, swinging, running through the puddles that had finally reappeared…how could he be expected to handle the disappointment any differently? He calmed somewhat as I reminded him (again) that we had really needed rain. That all the plants were very happy; they were grateful for the drink. That without rain, the plants wouldn’t grow and that we wouldn’t have any food.
We then moved on to some household tasks which had truly needed attention. I’d much prefer working outside. For me a rainy day means I have no more excuses. And as much as I don’t really relish a day a cleaning, I do find satisfaction in the end result. After vacuuming and mopping, I continued to distract Dudley by asking him if he would like to make bread. He helped measure and especially enjoyed dumping the ingredients into the bowl. He wanted to try the dough. “I don’t like it,” he said as he scrunched up his face and stuck his tongue out. “It doesn’t taste real good.” “Nope buddy, tastes better once it’s baked.” We put it in the warm oven to rise and he went to play with his matchbox cars. At the end of the second rising, we could hear that Grady was up from his nap. When we came back downstairs from getting him up, Dudley looked out the window and said “It’s not raining anymore!” I put the bread in to bake and at last, we got ready to go outside. He pulled on his rubber boots, then burst through the door to splash through the puddles on his bike.

Dudley bike
Such a different perspective. I also prefer sunny days, but know we need rainy ones too. Along with patience, I will do my best to guide Dudley to this understanding of rainy days and rainy seasons too. There have been times when things weren’t going my way and I have wanted to stomp my foot in frustration. (Well I admit, maybe I have even done so from time to time). Perhaps I am being taught patience or getting practice for an even tougher time to come. Or maybe I just don’t see the bigger picture that God sees. When I can remember this, I won’t be as likely to stomp my foot, but instead remain calm, waiting for change in myself or change in my circumstances.

I guess Dudley and I both like puddles. To him, they mean the sound and feel of water splashing as he runs through them. To me they mean substantial, invigorating, life sustaining rain.

4 comments on “Rainy Day Perspective
  1. Karen Smith says:

    I love this! What a great reminder that we even need the “rainy days”. Thank you for sharing! Enjoy the puddles!

  2. Lucille says:

    That was great. Well said! Perspective sure is everything. 🙂

  3. Sue Ryan Sauer says:

    When do you think the strawberries will be ready? Have you taken their blankets off them yet?

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